Contact Your Legislator

Please contact your Legislator and ask that they do all that is possible to keep abortion out of Indiana. Ask them to protect pre-born babies from death by abortion, and their mothers from a destructive and regrettable decision.  

Below is a sample script for the emails – please call your legislator as well with the same messaging. 

I am a voter, a member of Indiana Right to Life of Southwest Indiana mobile advocacy team, and I live in your district. I’m asking you to support pro-life laws in Indiana.  

Now that Roe vs. Wade is reversed, Indiana can pass legislation to fully protect unborn babies, and provide care and support for pregnant mothers. I believe that by addressing both of these issues, our state has a unique opportunity to prove that Indiana is a state that loves and values both the life of the mother and the baby.    

We simply cannot wait until the next legislative session to get this done – too many babies would die waiting for the state to take action.  

I want you to know this is very important to me.   Please respond to let me know you will support passage of new pro-life laws during this summer’s special session. My hope is that I can count on you to be a staunch supporter of life, and someone who will vote for a bill that protects all life to the greatest extent – both born and unborn – which would be that there’s only a life of the mother exception in any legislation that you vote to support. It is my firm belief that Indiana should continue demonstrating the strong value it puts on life without prejudice.

Thank you, and I look forward to your response.

Indiana State Senators

Indiana State Representatives