Lunch and Learn

July 23, 2021 – “Abortion, Transgenderism, Sex Trafficking – Getting to the Root of the Problem” with Audrey Werner

Audrey Werner was immersed in the fall out from the Sexual Revolution in her job: the explosion of sexually transmitted diseases and the rise in the rape of women and sexually active children. Questioning why things were getting worse in our nation, she researched the origins of sex education first, which then lead to the origins of the Sexual Revolution.

Revolutions don’t just occur, they take revolutionaries, and Werner has been exposing the lies that have come out of the Sexual Revolution for years. She is now the expert on sex education in Public as well as Private (including Christian) Schools for the American Academy of Biblical Counselors and has spoken across the country to various audiences including: youth groups, women’s groups, parents groups, Pastors, Health Professionals, and even Focus on the Family Staff. She teaches a course called, “Restoring Biblical Purity in the Church” for Master’s International School of Divinity and has been inspiring Christians across the world to push back the immoral tide.