Stopping Planned Parenthood during COVID-19 Pandemic

Your action is needed immediately in urging Governor Eric Holcomb to order all elective surgical abortions halted in Indiana as part of the state’s emergency response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
In spite of state and federal directives ordering the postponement of elective surgical procedures, Indiana’s surgical abortion centers are continuing to do a booming business. These surgical abortion clinics are using much-needed medical supplies such as masks, gowns, gloves, and blood suplies in a time of critical shortages. In addition, crowded waiting rooms and recovery rooms may offer prime conditions for the spread of the Coronavirus, placing all Hoosiers at risk.

Texas, Ohio and Louisiana have already taken action to suspend elective surgical abortions in those states.

Click on the link below to take action by contacting Governor Holcomb and urging him to stop Planned Parenthood during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The OB-GYNs Who Play Politics With Women’s Lives

Bill underscores the humanity of each aborted baby, requires abortion clinics to fully inform women considering drug-induced abortions

Safe Haven Baby Boxes to be Installed in Southwest Indiana – February 12, 2020

EVANSVILLE, IN (February 12, 2020) – Right to Life of Southwest Indiana (RTLSWIN) and the City of Evansville are partnering to install two Safe Haven Baby Boxes in efforts to raise awareness of Safe Haven Laws and save the lives of babies.  Indiana leads the United States with a total of 21 boxes located throughout the state.