COVID-19 Vaccination Updates

As protectors of life, we want you to be informed about the COVID-19 Vaccinations that are currently in the marketplace today. Unfortunately, abortion-derived cell lines are used in creating vaccines, but some carry over into production. Please review carefully the information supplied by Charlotte Lozier Institute of vaccine candidates that received “Operation Warp Speed” funding or have been submitted to the FDA for emergency use approval.

The infographic of the COVID-19 Vaccinations may be downloaded below.

Cemetery of the Innocents

Cemetery of the Innocents (Vanderburgh County Durchholz Farm)

Most Southwest Indiana residents who travel I-69 north through Vanderburgh County have seen one of the most visible depictions of the need to eradicate abortion, the Cemetery of the Innocents that sits on the Durchholz family farm.   Since the 90’s the Durchholz’s, extended family and friends have helped maintained this plot of sacred ground. 

Right to Life spoke with Angie (Durchholz) Lasher about the history and impact the Cemetery of the Innocents has had on the community.  The idea originated from Mike Fichter, former Vanderburgh County Right to Life’s Executive Director (Right to Life of Southwest Indiana’s predecessor) and Bill Butterfield were looking for a farm whose location would have the greatest visual impact. The Durchholz farm ground was the perfect spot and the family agreed.

In the early days of the Cemetery, 4,000 wooden crosses representing the number of daily abortions in the U.S. were used.  The crosses were placed each year after harvest and then gathered back up and stored until they would reappear later in the year.  The undertaking of this project called for a lot of extra help through the years from Mark Ikoff helping to make the grid for the crosses to be lined up, to John Lasher and Albert Sturgeon keeping the area mowed, to Chuck Wigger helping install the vinyl signs by the interstate and many more.

In 2009, the family decided to divide the crosses and donated 2,000 to a Gibson County farm owned by Sylvester and Pat Elpers, who would display the crosses on his property on Hwy 41 just south of the I-64 junction to have double the visual impact.  The Durchholz’s decided to have a more permanent installation and created 2,009 crosses using PVC pipe that fit over metal rods in the ground for each cross. 

Donations from the community helped to complete the project in a unique way.  For each donation, a certificate containing a baby’s name was spiritually adopted and inserted into a capped compartment of the cross; and, it remains there to this day.  A ceremony was held for the community with Father Chris Forler presiding to bless the field.  

Tending to the Cemetery for all of these years had become part of the fabric of the Durchholz family, but Lasher says there was one time she started to have doubts about keeping the project up and made it a matter of prayer asking God if it even made a difference.  Unbeknown to Lasher, a regular passerby of the Cemetery on his way from Louisville to Evansville, Wayne Carroll, a songwriter, was so moved by the Cemetery’s presence and message that he wrote a song called, “4,000 Crosses” about the experience. Carroll recorded the song and sent CD copies to Right to Life.  On her daughter’s 18th birthday, Lasher received a package filled with CDs of Carroll’s song “4,000 Crosses” and the answer to her prayer!  God was using the Cemetery of the Innocents to make an impact in the hearts of people who saw it, and she now held it the proof in her hands. 

“The main thing I hope the Cemetery of the Innocents would accomplish is to help those who pass by start thinking about the babies and hopefully have their hearts soften,” says Lasher.  “This type of project affects the whole community and helps to educate in a five second window about the effects of abortion and will possibly start conversations that change hearts within the cars that pass by.”

Right to Life of Southwest Indiana and the entire region would like to thank Angie Lasher and the entire Durchholz family for standing (and maintaining, mowing and spraying for weeds) for life in a very public way.   

Covid-19 Vaccine Comparisons

The following document lists multiple Covid-19 vaccines by company and notes if aborted fetal cells have been used. Source: Children of God for Life Website.

The Left’s Destruction of America in Writing

Life is on the line this election. And here’s what we mean by that.

Per the two documents below, the first day of a Biden/Harris presidency ALL executive actions regarding life will be revoked according to the documents written by a coalition of pro-abortion groups. The plans are a chilling look at a possible future trajectory for our country that if realized, may seal the fate of America.

Sign up for 2021 March for Life to Indianapolis, IN – January 22

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Corporate Sponsor Survey

Dear Life Supporter:

As the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted in regards to public gatherings, we at Right to Life of Southwest Indiana are cautiously optimistic in proceeding with our plan of hosting the Annual Banquet Event on September 10.  However, we would like to hear from you as your input is important to us. 

As this annual event is Right to Life’s largest signature fundraiser each year, hosting the event is crucial to continue the fight for the lives of precious preborn babies.  Navigating an event of this magnitude with many moving parts brings its challenges; and, we ask for your patience as our team plans for the best possible even.  Every possible effort is being made to secure that Vice President Pence joins us for the evening.

 This year’s event may differ from years past, but our cause has most definitely not changed – that of protecting the right to life of innocent human life from fertilization to natural death.

As life lovers, we want to be good stewards of our time together and wish no harm for anyone involved.

Please put a check by the statement that best expresses your sentiment by Monday, June 22, 2020.

Governor Holcomb orders halt to elective and non-urgent invasive surgeries; abortion clinics included in new emergency orders

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indiana Right to Life applauds Governor Eric Holcomb for including abortion clinics in new emergency orders related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Governor Holcomb’s orders call for a halt to all elective and non-urgent surgical procedures in Indiana. 

“Governor Holcomb’s new orders make it clear that abortion clinics are not exempt from complying with the suspension of elective surgeries,” states Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter.  “In a time of crisis and severe medical equipment shortages, abortion clinics must not be allowed to use up precious medical supplies that Hoosiers need during the current health emergency.”

Indiana Right to Life will urge state and local authorities to monitor Indiana abortion clinics closely to ensure compliance with the orders.  

Governor Holcomb’s emergency orders go into effect tomorrow. 

Stopping Planned Parenthood during COVID-19 Pandemic

Your action is needed immediately in urging Governor Eric Holcomb to order all elective surgical abortions halted in Indiana as part of the state’s emergency response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
In spite of state and federal directives ordering the postponement of elective surgical procedures, Indiana’s surgical abortion centers are continuing to do a booming business. These surgical abortion clinics are using much-needed medical supplies such as masks, gowns, gloves, and blood suplies in a time of critical shortages. In addition, crowded waiting rooms and recovery rooms may offer prime conditions for the spread of the Coronavirus, placing all Hoosiers at risk.

Texas, Ohio and Louisiana have already taken action to suspend elective surgical abortions in those states.

Click on the link below to take action by contacting Governor Holcomb and urging him to stop Planned Parenthood during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The OB-GYNs Who Play Politics With Women’s Lives

Bill underscores the humanity of each aborted baby, requires abortion clinics to fully inform women considering drug-induced abortions

Safe Haven Baby Boxes to be Installed in Southwest Indiana – February 12, 2020

EVANSVILLE, IN (February 12, 2020) – Right to Life of Southwest Indiana (RTLSWIN) and the City of Evansville are partnering to install two Safe Haven Baby Boxes in efforts to raise awareness of Safe Haven Laws and save the lives of babies.  Indiana leads the United States with a total of 21 boxes located throughout the state.