Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission at Right to Life of Southwest Indiana is to protect life.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world without abortion and euthanasia.

Our Priority Goals

To enable us to achieve our vision of protection of human right to life from fertilization to natural death, Right to Life of Southwestern Indiana, in cooperation with Indiana Right to Life, supports several primary goals that define our commitments and actions.

National Impact Goal

Create a foundation to provide best practice training and resources to at least 200 Right to Life organizations nationwide in order to increase collaboration in the pro-life community, to foster strategic development, and to revitalize individual participation, for the purpose of energizing and equipping the pro-life industry to achieve legal protection for preborn children.

Healthy Alternatives Goal

Collaborate with Indiana pregnancy help centers to develop an abortion alternatives awareness program to increase by 50% the number of clients accessing free, life-affirming services offered by the centers, for the purpose of assisting at least 10,000 abortion-minded clients per year to choose life as the healthy alternative to abortion.

Public Policy Goal

Reduce Indiana’s abortion rate by 25% through legislative initiatives, including the removal of all state funding from Planned Parenthood, in order to make Indiana inhospitable to abortion on demand and to save the lives of 2,750 preborn children annually.

Fundraising Goal

Grow our existing revenue by at least 25% per year, providing a long-term base of financial support that will empower IRTL to advance its efforts until the life of every preborn child is protected in Indiana.

Grassroots Activation Goal

Build a grassroots network of at least 250,000 pro-life supporters connected through relationship-driven social networking so that Indiana Right to Life will be empowered to advance its efforts until the life of every preborn child is protected in Indiana.

Marketing Goal

Execute a professional marketing plan that will increase by 50% the number of Indiana residents who identify pro-life issues as their number one voting priority as measured by professional pre and post campaign research, for the purpose of creating a dominant culture of life in Indiana.

Next Generation Goal

Motivate and activate a new generation of pro-life leaders by increasing the number of teens joining the TeensforLife.com social network to over 1 million nationwide, for the purpose of inspiring a generation that will accomplish the end of abortion in the United States.