Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Be part of a life-giving opportunity right here in Southwest Indiana.

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Right to Life (RTL) is proud to partner with Safe Haven Baby Boxes (SHBB) and the City of Evansville to provide two Safe Haven Baby Boxes within Fire Stations No. 3 (Washington Avenue) and No. 76 (Franklin Street) in the heart of Evansville. The Baby Boxes will provide moms who find themselves in crisis pregnancies and cannot provide for their newborn, a safe and lawful way to surrender their child anonymously. The Baby Boxes are climate-controlled and will be built into the structure of the fire station. After the child is placed, emergency personnel are immediately notified and care is administered.

In addition to the Baby Boxes, SHBB provides a crisis hotline phone number (1-866-99BABY1) that provides mothers in crisis the opportunity to speak to a crisis counselor with the goal of providing access to resources and the necessary information to make the right choice for her infant.

In an Indianapolis news story, a mom in crisis included a note to her daughter as she carefully lay her child in the Safe Haven Baby Box saying,
“I just want you to know that the short time I had with you was so beautiful and every ounce of love I have, I gave you. The decision to give you to a family was by far the hardest I’ve ever made. You are…a beautiful, sweet little bundle of pure joy.”

Due to generous past support from RTL donors, the two Baby Boxes were purchased in 2019 with construction scheduled to start in 2020. However, additional support is needed to cover the costs of construction, installation and on-going maintenance.

What a brave choice this mom made. To give her child the opportunity for life – a life that would be better than she knew she was capable of giving.

If you knew that you could be a part of rescuing one of these precious ones, would you? Your gift to the Safe Haven Baby Box Fund can have as much of an impact as the care an EMT or nurse may give to a surrendered newborn.

Our financial goal for the Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Evansville is $10,000. Any amount given to this project is greatly appreciated. It may be possible that you could gift the entire amount.

Please join us in this ministry to moms who want to choose life. You can give now by filling out the form below and paying by credit card or mail a check made payable to Right to Life of Southwest Indiana and send to 20 NW Third Street, Suite 810, Evansville, IN 47708 with Baby Boxes noted on your check.