Chalk Talk for LIFE!


Here’s a fun way to further teach your children how valuable life is while being quarantined…and it’s an outside activity!  Starting May 1st, pick a “life message” from the ideas below (or create your own) and have your little artists take to your sidewalk or driveway with chalk and have them draw a picture that represents life!

Example Ideas:  
Life is Precious
Save the Babies!
A Bible verse (with pictures)
All Lives Matter
Submit your Chalk Talk for Life! picture to our Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag #chalktalkforlife and be entered to win from three cash prizes!  To ensure that your picture is registered, please send an email with your child’s first name and a picture of their Chalk Talk for LIFE! to 
First prize is $50 
Second prize is $25 
Third prize is $15 
Enter as many drawings as you would like; and, let’s fill social media feeds with LIFE! messages.
We can’t wait to see your creativity!