The Facts

Even before you realize you are pregnant, your baby’s life has begun. He or she has a beating heart and is growing within your uterus. Although this unborn baby is incapable of survival outside your womb, it is a human life, and you can make the decisions that will give a child a start in life. If you have been considering the arguments of Planned Parenthood vs. Right to Life, you have already taken the first important step for protection of right to life for your unborn child.

Although pro-abortion advocates claim that abortion procedures are safe and involve low medical risk, there can be serious physical risks for you, including excessive cramping, pain and bleeding, and even injuries and scarring that may interfere with ability to successfully carry a future planned pregnancy.

And the abortion procedure is definitely not safe for the unborn baby who is killed and will never have a chance to grow and become a productive member of society.

In addition to potential physical injury, many moms suffer emotionally after an abortion, experiencing feelings of grief and loss. And that effect may be long lasting and even lead to severe depression for a mom who later reconsiders her decision to kill her unborn child.

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy may feel that she is unprepared to experience pregnancy and childbirth. However, caring people and organizations are available to provide support, education, and assistance to expectant mothers. For a list of some of those options go (link to Resources)

Another reason a mom might consider abortion for an unplanned pregnancy is that she does not feel able to care for the child, perhaps because of limited financial resources or because she is still in school and needs to finish her education. Whatever the reason, help is available to her to continue her pregnancy and give birth to her child.

After the few months’ commitment to carry the child to birth, the mother is able to continue her choice for life by choosing the amazing gift of adoption for her new baby. That precious child will experience a full life as the much loved and treasured child of a family who may be unable to give birth to their own biological child.

Remember, although you may be feeling confused and overwhelmed by an unexpected pregnancy, there is help available, and you do not have to face this situation alone. Help is available to you through all stages of your pregnancy and childbirth and after.

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