“What About Us?” by Yung Kriss

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If you were faced with an unplanned pregnancy, what would you do?

Christian Rapper Yung Kriss releases “What About Us,” a song about the controversial topic of abortion.  Kriss poses the question from the preborn child’s point of view through his storytelling style about a teenage couple facing an unplanned pregnancy. 

“Life is the most important thing in this world,” says Kriss.  “And the Bible says we are made in the image of God…and if that’s true, ALL life needs to be respected.”  

Kriss says he’s never backed down from a challenge and that’s evident in the lyric of “What About Us” as he gives an overview of what an abortion procedure is within the song. The trauma that happens to mothers after having an abortion is often ignored and swept under the rug by anti-life advocates. The trauma is real, because it’s the taking of another life….and that should always be disturbing.

The song is a partnership with Right to Life of Southwest Indiana.  “The primary goal and mission of our organization is to protect life,” said Mary Ellen Van Dyke, executive director of Right to Life of Southwest Indiana.  “This video is so powerful and our prayer is that young moms and dads will make the decision to give life to their pre-born child if faced with an unplanned pregnancy – so many resources are available to help.”

FOR PASTORS OF STUDENTS ON THE SUBJECT OF ABORTION: Right to Life has written a Bible Study that gives students a chance to talk about abortion and the grace and compassion that’s needed for those who have had an abortion.